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"I’ve talked to people who say they feel sorry for me for not having any hope. I say, hope is a thief. I am living today as fully as I am able." Lily Henderson”

Most of us know that death is the inevitable end point of life, but we do not think much about it. Perhaps we plan ahead a bit when we create a will, or buy life insurance. Perhaps we buy a cemetery plot, or decide about which end-of-life rituals … Continue reading

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“There are moments which mark your life – moments you realise will never be the same, and time is divided into two parts – before this and after this.” – Fallen

Many years ago, I telephoned a former client – a person with aphasia – to tell them our appointment time had changed. After several rings, the answering machine clicked on, and I heard her voice. Although it had been several months since the onset… Continue reading

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