They are amphibious creatures, words. The bathe in fire, they rest in air, passing from one element to another. @a.muse on Twitter


Language is ethereal, as anyone with aphasia will tell you.  It floats above and behind the eyes somewhere, on a synapse, and appears on the tongue, moist and ready for the sound that comes rippling up from below, shaped into perceptibly different phonemes and riding on waves, reaching the ears, the mind of another, registering there with a familiarity, a knowing listener-speaker who in that instant, connects his history with yours. 


The communicative arc is a mystical act we have come to see as commonplace, until the arc is broken, and we are left there, poised between each other across the sea of air, waiting.




I wish them all for you this holiday season.


About Shirley Morganstein

I am a life participation therapist for people with aphasia, exploring the relational and reflective process.
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